IDC candidate´s most common misconception


The most common misconception regarding instructor training is the assumption that it comprehensively covers all necessary knowledge, which is inaccurate. Certain prerequisites are anticipated before attending the course, and although these vital elements are not directly taught, they are subject to evaluation.

Preparation is paramount in three primary areas for aspiring PADI SCUBA instructors. PADI, denoting the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, underscores the importance of professionalism. Hence, those undergoing professional training should act accordingly, ensuring thorough preparedness for the demanding course. The extent of preparation not only impacts performance and comprehension during training but also plays a substantial role in shaping one’s identity as an instructor upon achieving certification.

 Knowledge Development:

Upon official registration for the instructor course, the required PADI eLearning code for the IDC can be sent. Completing this eLearning before the IDC commencement is essential. It is crucial not to rush through this process, as the acquired information is applied throughout the PADI SCUBA instructor course. The accompanying digital Diving Knowledge Workbook builds upon the five areas of dive theory covered in Divemaster training—Physics, Physiology, Equipment, General Skills & Environment, and the Recreational Dive Planner. This knowledge base is expected to be mastered as a Divemaster and brought into SCUBA instructor training. Evaluation in this area occurs through exams, emphasizing the need for a solid theoretical foundation before attending the IDC. Achieving a level of comfort where one can explain the correctness of concepts is vital, considering that explaining concepts will be a crucial aspect of the instructor’s role. Any uncertainties or specific questions must be addressed proactively to demonstrate a positive, professional attitude. While some clarification can be provided during the instructor course, a strong commitment level is essential for success.

 Skill Practice:

General diving skills and comfort levels undergo continuous assessment during training. Therefore, having recent dive experience before participating in the PADI IDC is advisable. If access to a pool or confined water is available, rehearsing the updated PADI skill circuit is recommended. Merely performing the skill is insufficient; one must demonstrate each skill clearly, emphasizing slow and deliberate motions in key areas. A video guide is provided to assist in understanding the demonstration requirements. Alongside the 24 skills comprising the PADI skill circuit, re-familiarizing oneself with Rescue Diver training skills is a good idea, as these are integrated into the SCUBA instructor course. Some may even be assigned to teach during the IDC. A dedicated review of these skills, as highlighted in the knowledge section, contributes to overall development within the course.

 PADI Material Familiarity:

A thorough understanding of the current version of the PADI instructor manual is crucial. Downloading it from the PADI pro account ensures access to the most up-to-date information, as standards may change routinely. The instructor manual is continuously used during dive instructor training course workshops, and knowledge of the manual is evaluated through exams. Adopting a habit of looking up information rather than assuming is encouraged. The manual is conveniently divided into small sections, making it easy to dedicate around 20 minutes per day to read through one section. This practice is beneficial, considering the expectation to reference the manual with relative ease. Beyond the PADI instructor manual, downloading the PADI app and exploring its features is recommended. Effective teaching scenario creation is part of SCUBA instructor training, and familiarity with digital products is expected. Acquainting oneself with the app is straightforward and offers excellent features.


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