IDC Online Packages

Our IDC training 

PADI has recently launched the option of splitting the IDC into 3 parts – IDC eLearning, IDC online presentations with the Course Director (ATTENTION, this is NOT the eLearning! The IDC eLearning will also be provided, This is an online presentation with Course Director / IDC Staff for 4 hours for 8 days before the IDC Practical part starts) AND The IDC practical part with live workshops and Confined and open water presentations will be run at the dive center facility.

This means that you will have access to the most up-to-date, practical, convenient, and also exclusive digital training materials.  These materials will be yours as soon as you make your deposit with us so that you can start preparing for your IDC straight away.  
Completing part of your training beforehand via eLearning AND THE ONLINE CLASS presentations with our CD means that the time that you spend with us will be utilized in the most beneficial ways.  We will help you build on your knowledge and apply your instructor-level skills in a practical way that will help you not just in the IDC and examination process but also when you start your real diving instructor career.

Our IDC practical training part is a 10-day development program.  This means that you will save up some days to study, relax, and save on accommodation costs. IDC days are not rushed nor too long, giving you plenty of time to prepare your presentations or enjoy the area.  You will also work on your strengths and weaknesses with our dedicated GoPro team.  It also means that we can include our special workshops designed to give you a better understanding of how to teach complex skills such as lift-bag use, CESA, DESCENTS & ASCENTS, RESCUE skills, etc., and Dive Theory online review (we do not teach Dive Theory, but review doubts, questions and topics in advance online) classes to improve your knowledge and understanding of dive theory.

As PADI Instructors also need to be EFR Instructors, we run the EFR Instructor Course during the IDC over one day.  This is a highly 1 day practical and enjoyable course with a focus on Care for Children. The EFR Instructor eLearning is provided.

The final Instructor Examination, run by PADI staff (IE) will take place just after the IDC where you will give presentations in confined, open water and classroom, as well as take PADI Standards and dive theory exams.  A PADI Examiner will conduct the I.E.

Besides all of this, we also include a FREE PADI Enriched AIR Nitrox Specialty AND PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor Course, with any purchase of an IDC, plus a FREE FUN dive.

Can you take Specialty Instructor Courses after your IDC?

Of course!  After each IE, candidates can continue in the very popular MSDT Preparation course.  During the MSDT Preparation course, we will be teaching you how to broaden your professional capabilities, afterwards, you will be able to teach 7 PADI Specialties (Deep, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Wreck, Drift, EANx, AWARE Dive Against Debris & Night).  Being able to teach Specialty courses gives you the chance to pursue your interests and makes you more employable in the process. 
 Our MSDT Prep Program includes 7 PADI Specialty training courses.  With these 7 Specialties, you can apply to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer once you have attained 25 student certifications. 

As part of our MSDT Prep program, we also allow you to team-teach your first courses during our FREE up to 3-week instructor internship.  You will be shadowed alongside our experienced instructors gaining valuable experience of the “real world”. Team-teaching your first courses as an instructor is highly recommended by PADI and in our opinion, this is a hands-on dive industry opportunity that should not be missed.


Highlighted in red, workshops and presentations can be presented via live online presentations.

Dive Theory Workshop
PADI System Workshop
Learning and Teaching Workshop
Discover Scuba Diving Workshop
PADI Openwater Diver Course Set up and Scheduling Workshop
Risk Management Workshop
Knowledge Development Presentations Workshop
Candidate Knowledge Development Presentations
Confined Water Training Workshop
Candidate Confined Water Teaching Presentations – Dry
Candidate Confined Water Teaching Presentations – Wet
Skill Development Workshop
Open Water Training Workshop
Candidate Open Water Teaching Presentations – Dry
Candidate Open Water Teaching Presentations – Wet
Continuing Education Workshop
Advanced Open Water Diver Workshop
Rescue Diver Workshop
Sales Techniques Workshop
Course Closure




Confined water teaching presentations

Perform all 24 dive skills (Skill circuit)

Rescue Exs. 1, 2 and 4 workshop tired diver, panicked diver and distressed diver UW

Skill demonstration workshop

400 meter swim

10 minute tread water

Discover Scuba Diving workshop


Descends & Ascents workshop

CESA workshop

Lift bag workshop

Openwater presentations with integrated open water teaching

Rescue workshop including:

Rescue Exercises 1,2 and 4 – tired diver, panicked diver and distressed diver UW

Rescue exercise 6 – Surfacing an unresponsive diver

Rescue exercise 7 – Unresponsive Diver on the surface

Rescue exercise 8 – exit with unconscious diver 

Exit and Rescue Ex. 9 – First aid and oxygen administration for an injured diver workshop

Continuing education workshop

Discover Scuba Diving workshop in CW and OW 

How Much Does it Cost?


What you need to pay is divided into two parts: 

1-Training Fees. Online and Practical IDC parts & IDC Required PADI Materials.
2- PADI AMERICAS fees. To be paid by IDC successful candidates by credit card, paypal or bank transfer directly to PADI on the 1st day of the I.E.

 Please see below for our latest special offers.  (Prices include taxes, tanks, weights, boat fees, AND excludes accommodation, transportation, food, and drinks during your IDC.)

*Prices and fees are in American Dollars. * 

1-Training Fees – IDC Packages Prices and Conditions

e-IDC GOLD Package – includes IDC online presentations with Course Director (it`s not the IDC eLearning)

  • IDC live workshops dry and wet + Confined & Open Water presentations.
  • Enriched Air Diver Specialty Instructor Course* (must have a Enriched Air Nitrox diver certification)
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor Course 
  • Pre & Post Online mentoring support (Google meet/e-mail/whatsapp)
  • Resume Building workshop
  • Employment Assistance
  • IDC + EFRI required eLearning materials + PADI backpack with cue cards
  •  Resort Dive Equipment Maintenance workshop 
  • Visit to a Hyperbaric Facility (ONLY for Mexico)


e-IDC PLATINUM with MSDT PREP Package – includes IDC online presentations with Course Director (it`s not the IDC eLearning)

    • IDC live workshops dry and wet + Confined & Open Water presentations.
    • MSDT Preparation (7 Specialty Instructor Deep, Night, Wreck, EANx, Emergency O2 Provider, Drift or DPV and AWARE Dive Against Debris ) 
    • Pre & Post Online mentoring support (Google meet/e-mail/whatsapp)
    • Resume Building workshop
    • Employment Assistance
    • IDC + EFRI required eLearning materials + PADI backpack with cue cards 
    •  Resort Dive Equipment Maintenance workshop
    • Visit to a Hyperbaric Facility 


2- PADI Americas Fees 2024:

Please note that the following PADI fees will be paid directly to PADI AMERICAS at the Instructor Examination Day via credit card, paypal or bank transfer.  
· Instructor Development Course application                    235 U$
· EFRI application                                                                   140 U$
· Instructor Examination fee                                                 825 U$
· Specialty Instructor applications (optional)                      88 U$ per EACH Specialty  Instructor Application


 We  OFFER a 5% DISCOUNT (excluding PADI Americas fees) for “Anticipated Bookings” (30 days before IDC practical part starts) and COUPLES or 2 or more friends doing the same IDC together!!! Inquiry TODAY!

Our I.E. Pass Guarantee*

We are so confident of your success that we offer an unparalleled guarantee. It is most unlikely that you will not pass your IE after having been trained with our academy because anyone can have a bad day and this promise gives you the ultimate security in investing your valuable money into your IDC training with us! 
If in the unlikely situation, you are unsuccessful at your I.E., we will offer you the payment of your RESIT part of an I.E.

*Inquire about the conditions that apply to this offer*


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