IDC Preparation – Start your prep in advance!


Hi Future PADI Instructors!

 Are you excited for your upcoming IDC? I hope so!

Before commencing the IDC, you will also need to prepare the following:

 –          2 passport style photographs

–          Medical clearance attesting to dive fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months (please use the PADI one).

–          EFR Primary and Secondary Care course completion (or a copy of a qualifying training) within the last 24 months.

–          Copies of all documentation from qualifying diving certifications issued by another recognized recreational diver training organization for entry-level, advanced, rescue and leadership level. (PADI Members just bring your cards or eCards on PADI APP.)

–          The most recent version of the Instructor manual which can be downloaded from PADI PROS website or simply ask me if you are not a PADI PRO.

–          All the certified assistant equipment mentioned in the Training Standard Section of the Instructor Manual. Have your dive gear all serviced before IDC starts!

– Download the PADI APP and PADI Training app to your phone or tablet.

  ATTENTION!!! Do not forget that during the IDC we do not TEACH AGAIN DIVE THEORY, but thoroughly review during IDC PREP online. Please make sure you REVIEW all 5 Dive Theory topics in advance (physics, physiology, equipment, RDP and Skills & Environment), and master the eLearning workbook, which you will receive in the new eLearning digital pack, you will be administered the first dive theory exam on the first day of the PREP IDC.  To give you an idea, the minimum score you will need to succeed the IDC is 75% or above in all 5 topics (although in my IDC we “raise the bar” to a minimum of 85%. in all !!! We will work together in your development, also remember that PADI courses are performance based and NOT time based). If needed, i reccommend you the PADI DIVE THEORY eLearning.

 I strongly recommend you follow a study strategy to fine-tune your studies, avoiding “wasting precious time” if you do not have much free time, and going straight to the point that is the most important to pass the IDC and I.E.

I will send you a DIVE THEORY SUMMARY  in PDF in order you can customize your studies and don’t waste time, studying exactly what you will find of most importance during the exams on the PADI IDC / PADI Instructor Examination.

Have a study discipline! Dedicate at least 1 hour of your day to go over and study or train any topic regarding your IDC. 

 My GREATEST advises are: 


 Use the DIVE THEORY SUMMARY files in PDF i will send you as part of your exclusive IDC material. In addition, use your DIVING KNOWLEDGE WORKBOOK eLearning (included in the IDC eLearning Crew Pack) along with ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RECREATIONAL DIVING (it came along previously in your DM Crew pack). 

  General Standards and Procedures: Read and get familiar of your PADI INSTRUCTOR manual and GUIDE TO TEACHING (included in the IDC eLearning Crew Pack). On this 1st phase, take your time, relax, and GET FAMILIAR with it.  We ‘ll go over it again during the online part of the IDC. 

  2-EFR INSTRUCTOR eLearning:

  –       Take an overall look at the Standards of the EFR Programs.

–       Do the online KNOWLEDGE REVIEWS for:

·         Primary / Secondary Care (Program Standards + Human Body Systems + Medical Emergencies (for this one you will need your EFR Provider manual)

·         Care for Children

–       Prepare an EFR Marketing Plan – use an outline sample on appendix of you EFR Instructor digital manual. Please check the APPENDIX section for this. 

–       Watch AGAIN all EFR videos and review all EFR students eLearning contents in your EFRI eLearning.

 In addition, i STRONGLY RECOMMEND you watch again the 24 DIVE SKILLS of the PADI DIVEMASTER COURSE (i can help you with this if you do not have it) and read again some chapters of your PADI manuals described below:

    3- ADVANCED Open Water Diver Course: 

 – Navigation (compass navigation is really important!)


– Search and Recovery (especially regarding the use of LIFT BAG and the 3 most important KNOTS = bowl line / 2 half hitches / sheet bend); – Lift Bag Use 

 For KNOTS, download your PADI APP and check those 3 most important knots in “TOOLS” section in your PADI app. 



This one i recommend also you watch again if possible the skills below on video:

 Ex. 4 Distressed Diver Underwater + Alternate Air Source Sharing Ascent

 – Ex.2 Panicked Diver on the surface (2 approach methods – SURFACE & UNDERWATER) – Underwater – Surface

– Ex1Tired Diver on the surface

– EX. 7 – UNCONSCIOUS DIVER ON THE SURFACE (VERY IMPORTANT ONE!) – Rescue Workshop for IDC – Rescue Ex. 7 – Uncounscious diver surface – Rescue Ex. 7 – Unconscious diver surface



–       Review chapters 8 and 9

–       Review and train dive planning and the use of the e-RDPml.

  * PHYSICS LAWS \; – Charle’s Law – Temperature X Volume – Boyle’s Law  – Pressure X Volume – Henry’s Law 1 – Decompression Sickness demo – Henry’s Law 2 – Decompression Sickness demo – VIDEOS SERIE FOR PHYSICS REVIEW 

 You’ll probably have some doubts and/or questions, so please let me know and I can check it and send you a feedback asap.

 Please, we’ll use Whatsapp (+55 21 9 9707-6963) or Google MEET in order we are able to communicate and clear doubts during this phase of your IDC preparation. 

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